Golf ball with club

Mulligans, Skins, Shotgun Starts

As the weather cools, we’ve been gearing up for our annual celebrity golf outing.  This year, Rock N’ Jock for Justice will be hosted at York Golf Club and will include celebrities from The Ohio State University, the Bengals, the Browns, the Steelers, and many more teams.  We hope that you can all join us for a fun afternoon of golf and raising money to protect the rights of crime victims!

In the spirit of the event, here are some terms that you’ll want to be familiar with for the event.  For starters, we’ll be allowing mulligans, which allow the players to replay a stroke with no penalty if the first shot went poorly enough.

The game we will be playing is skins, which is a friendly but competitive format of golf.  When playing skins, each hole is assigned a skin value.  Players contribute money into a pot relative to the skin values, and the player with the lowest score on a hole earns the skin value assigned to that hole.  In the case of a tie, the skin is rolled over to the next hole.  The winner is the player who has earned the most total skins by the end of the game.

The game will start with a shotgun start, which is pretty much exactly what it sounds like.  Different groups all tee off at different holes at the same time.  Groups then proceed to play at the same time.

We’re looking forward to seeing you all this October 1st!